Like many of you, I chose North Vancouver as my home for our coveted North Shore lifestyle.

  • Close to every activity nature offers, not too far from the amenities of the city;

  • A strong sense of community, connection with friends and neighbours;

  • Great schools, parks and recreation facilities, the perfect place to put down roots and raise a family.

A remarkable increase in traffic congestion has many feeling that our quality of life is under threat. A doubling of home prices and a drastic increase in rents has many of our friends and neighbours struggling to find and keep suitable, affordable homes and decent, well-paying jobs.

During my first term on Council, I diligently applied my decade of experience as a systems engineer to the issues discussed and decided upon. I analyzed the issues, seeking to understand the complexities and advocate for a pragmatic path to the desired outcome based on evidence and best practice. I now have an in-depth understanding of the critical challenges facing the DNV, the strategies necessary to address them and both the experience and desire to move forward.

There are no simple answers to the complex and intertwined challenges we face. It will take a suite of actions, aligned in a common direction to bring relief and maintain our high quality of life in a growing and changing region.

I am dedicated to making a difference in our community and have the energy, enthusiasm and experience to lead us through the next four years.


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