Response to LVCA's questions

1. What is your plan to help ease the traffic congestion in North Vancouver.   What infrastructure do you think is needed to address the significant population growth that has occurred?   And who should pay for it?

The District of North Vancouver population has increased by 5000 people over the past 20 years. A key reason for increased traffic over the past 5 years is the influx of people who commute to North Vancouver for work but who cannot afford to live here*. The solutions to traffic congestion are twofold: we must build homes for people of a broad range of incomes, AND we must expand our transportation ecosystem to give commuters options beyond a single-occupancy motor vehicle. This includes optimizing road infrastructure to make public transit more efficient and improve people’s ability to walk, bike or roll to school and amenities, as well as park and rides by transit hubs to connect people who drive to fast and convenient bus service. We will explore new modes of transportation such as car share and electric bike share and how they can provide people more choice in our community.

*source: INSTPP Report

For municipal infrastructure, development pays for development. The incremental impact of new homes and residents on water, sewer, drainage and parks is paid for by those new homeowners and renters. Through the building of new homes, we also improve and expand safe places for people to walk and roll, create more efficient spaces for buses and cars, and replace aging pipes and roads that we all would otherwise have to pay for. We acquire land for new parks and can spread the load of replacing our aging recreation facilities and other infrastructure over a broader tax base. Those actions benefit all residents.


2   Affordable housing requires a commitment by all levels of government to manage land prices, land supply and zoning and to regulate rents.  If elected will you commit to creating affordable community housing as soon as you take office? If so, how? If not, why not?

The District of North Vancouver urgently requires affordable housing. We are committed to working with our federal and provincial colleagues to secure all available capital resources for affordable community housing. Meanwhile, there are potentially many incremental solutions available to us at the local government level, such as:

  • Pre-zoning DNV-owned land for affordable rental homes.
  • Selling DNV owned residential properties far from transit and buying lands close to transit to construct affordable rental homes.
  • Use zoning to prioritize rental apartments over ownership in areas close to transit
  • Investigate opportunities on large lots at the edge of town centres, a short walk from services and transit, to pre-zone for low-rise rental.
  • Establish a North Shore workforce housing authority with the City of North Vancouver and District of West Vancouver. This has been successful in other municipal jurisdictions.
  • Reduce the cost of transportation by providing convenient, less expensive alternatives to the car and bringing the places that people want to be closer together.