About | Building Bridges

Building Bridges is about just that. It’s about connecting communities, people, generations, and our aspirations for the future.

Building Bridges is a progressive political campaign mobilizing to create a thriving, healthy community for everyone who lives, works, and plays in the mountains, forests, waters and neighbourhoods of the north shore. We are a dedicated team of local residents united by a vision for a more inclusive, open, and transparent local government for all North Vancouverites. 

As a grassroots organization, Building Bridges pledges to connect a community that is as diverse as the paths we wander. From new families to grandparents, from multi-generation Canadians to new immigrants, we are all proud to call North Vancouver home.

Building Bridges is committed to building a stronger North Vancouver for the future. We need a new political movement to prepare for a future that faces complex challenges; a rejuvenated and modernized campaign that focused on the needs and aspirations of all North Vancouverites. 

Building Bridges is focused on uniting communities and building a bright, secure, and prosperous future for the District of North Vancouver.

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